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  • Christie in Wonderland, Again | Editorial
    Updated On: Jun 26, 2015
    Christie has a nasty habit of telling lies to national audiences who don't know the facts. (Daniel Acker / Bloomberg)
    NJ.com - There he goes again.

    Gov. Chris Christie went on national TV Sunday morning and did violence to the truth, this time on pension reform. If only the national audience knew him like we do.

    Here's what he told the unsuspecting viewers ABC News: "We just won a major court decision supporting the pension reforms that we put into place in 2011."

    It is laughable that Christie presents himself as a straight shooter.

    The decision, in fact, struck down that reform as unconstitutional. It found that the law created a new debt without voter approval, and improperly tied the hands of future governors and Legislatures by requiring them to make scheduled payments into the fund. The ruling condemned Christie for breaking his promise, but said the solution lies with the political process, not the courts.

    So when Christie says the court supported his reform, which is beyond untrue; it is the opposite of the truth. And Christie knows that, since his own lawyers devised the argument that the majority embraced.


    The decision was a political victory for Christie in the short-term. He is free to ignore his promise to make payments into the fund, so the fiscal crisis is again pushed to the future. The court basically allowed him to delay payments on his credit card for another month.

    It is laughable that Christie presents himself as a straight shooter. He gets away with it because national reporters like George Stephanopoulos don't know the details well enough to throw the penalty flag on him.

    We do. This is another lie. Add it to the collection

    This editorial appeared on NJ.com authored by The Star-Ledger Editorial Board.

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